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Night Weaning Guide

A Complete Guide to Night Weaning, and Making Changes at Night

Without a clear plan, making changes at night can feel daunting… This guide will support you through making changes to night feeds and sleep, or to night wean a child one year of age or older. You can rest easy knowing your attachment will be kept intact during the process, allowing your family to make the changes it needs and continue to thrive.

Who is
this for?

  • This guide uses language that applies to breastfeeding parents; however, the processes can be used for bottle and formula fed babies as well.

  • Complete night weaning is intended for babies one year of age or older

  • Making changes at night is for babies of any age; however, when babies are ready to stop feeding at night is unique to each baby. In order to use this guide you must tune into your unique baby and respect their cues and timelines.

Who is
this NOT for?


  • A parent who wants to night wean a child under one year of age, cold turkey. Weaning cold turkey is never ideal, for breast health or emotional health of the child (there are exceptions – maternal or child health).

Family Bed to Crib Guide

A Complete Guide for Transitioning Your Child From Your Family Bed to Crib or Separate Sleep Space.

The transition from your family bed to a separate sleep space can be overwhelming for the whole family. This guide includes everything you need to know about making the transition while keeping attachment intact, and supporting emotion (your child’s + yours) through the process.


Who is this for?

  • Families who are ready to transition their child from bedsharing to a separate sleep space.
  • Parents who are willing to transition slowly and honor their child’s cues.


Who is this NOT for?

  • Families who want a quick fix. In order to keep attachment intact – this transition needs to follow the child’s lead.

Empowered Sleep - coming sept. 2022!

An Attachment-focused sleep course to support you from infancy through toddlerhood.

Zero Sleep Training. 100% responsive and attachment-focused. Always based on your instincts – you are the only expert on your child.

What’s covered in the course?


  • Behaviorism vs. Developmentalism
  • Sleep Basics – Understanding Normal Child Sleep
  • Red Flags/Common Sleep Interrupters – Airway Health + Oral Ties + Teething + Reflux + Colic + Gas
  • Birth Trauma
  • Sensory Processing Differences
  • Temperament and Stress
  • Understanding Attachment
  • Understanding Emotion
  • Conscious Parenting
  • The Importance of Play
  • Routine vs. Schedule
  • Developmental Effects on Sleep
  • Sleep Environment
  • Safe Bedsharing and Breastsleeping
  • A New Perspective on Self-Care
  • Mother and Child Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding
  • All About Naps
  • Sleep Space Transitions
  • Common Challenges and Solutions
    • Early Rising + Split Nights + False Starts
    • Hourly Wakes
    • Nap Transitions
    • Sleep Associations + Changing Sleep Associations
    • Night Weaning
    • Going Back To Work
    • Bringing a Partner Into the Sleep Routine
    • Transition to a New Sleep Space
    • Climbing Toddler + Night Visits
    • Toddler Bedtime Battles
    • Siblings Sharing a Room
    • And More!

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