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When ? Strikes

Ugh. Our ‘best’ cat died last week. My daughter called him the best because he was “just her size” and she could snuggle him and carry him around with ease. I found his body early in the morning, and I quickly scooped him up, gave him one last hug and thanked him for being him, then rushed to hide the heartbreak […]

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More Sleep for the Whole Family

It’s really easy to overlook our sleep as parents when we are focused on making sure our little ones are taken care of. While the annoying reality remains that we have little control over sleep in general, there are things we can do to make sleep come easier for the whole family. Before you consider making changes to your child’s […]

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Common Sleep Disruptors

Development Similar to growth spurts, babies go through developmental spurts too.  When this happens babies can be more fussy and more difficult to soothe. Babies learn 24/7, just because it’s bedtime doesn’t mean those brilliant brains turn off. During developmental leaps, babies can be up for hours at night practicing their new moves and skills. It’s easier for parents to […]

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5 Reasons You Never Have to Sleep Train

With so much cultural pressure to sleep train, parents can feel backed into a corner. Whether you need some science to back up your gut, or if you’d like to have a few one liners in your back pocket for when you receive well-meaning but unwelcome advice… Here are a few of my favorite reasons not to sleep train.  First, […]

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Baby-Led Sleep Approach

What is the Baby-led Sleep Approach? When I support families to get more sleep without sleep training, the method I use is focused on development and attachment. What the heck does that mean? To understand how this approach differs from more traditional methods, let’s dive into two different scopes you can use to view and approach your child’s needs; behavior […]

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5 Hacks for a Smooth Bedtime

Bedtime is stressful for a lot of families. You’re tired, your child is tired – it’s not the best time to try to aim for parent of the year. ? Keeping a few things in mind about what’s going on behind the scenes for your child can go a long way. Bedtime isn’t rough because your child is dreading sleep, it’s […]

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Sleep Environment Tips

It’s important to realize that a lot of tips for a child’s sleep environment are meant to replace the parents. Think snoo, swaddle, anything that comforts a baby – that’s not a parent or an attached caregiver. Shocker, that’s not what this post is about. While babies sleep all around the world in every conceivable environment, and magic wands don’t […]

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Why is Independent Play Important?

While children are hard-wired to play, and don’t really need any help, sometimes our kiddos could use a little encouragement in their play to get the ball rolling. Before our day-to-day lives became so busy, children spent most of their waking hours immersed in play – but in modern society there are lots of distractions. Spending a bit of energy […]

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How to Foster Genuine Sharing

Anywhere there are kids, there is a chorus of parents, instructing, hoping and even bribing their kids to share. We have made the mistake yet again, that sharing is something that can be taught. In reality, sharing is something that takes time, practice and a lot of support from mature caregivers. With a little bit of perspective and understanding we […]

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The Magic of Holding Space

In our fast-paced, busy lives, it’s easy to overlook the simple things. I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is to hold space for them in all their shapes and forms. The good, the bad and the ugly.  This practice can be so simple, and simple rarely equals easy, that the process can become […]

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