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When ? Strikes

Ugh. Our ‘best’ cat died last week. My daughter called him the best because he was “just her size” and she could snuggle him and carry him around with ease. I found his body early in the morning, and I quickly scooped him up, gave him one last hug and thanked him for being him, then rushed to hide the heartbreak […]


How to Foster Genuine Sharing

Anywhere there are kids, there is a chorus of parents, instructing, hoping and even bribing their kids to share. We have made the mistake yet again, that sharing is something that can be taught. In reality, sharing is something that takes time, practice and a lot of support from mature caregivers. With a little bit of perspective and understanding we […]


3 Invitations to Independent Play

It’s easy to be consumed by the pressure to teach teach teach our kids. Their letters, numbers, how to be a good human – it’s overwhelming, and in my opinion largely unnecessary. There’s a natural order and process to all the human qualities we desperately want for our children. In the early years, play is a tremendous tool for the […]


The Thing Most Peeps Don’t Know About Crying

Many of the desirable traits we want for our children include: learning from their mistakes respecting boundaries  being resourceful being able to process anger and not lash out resilience being generous and kind to others (to share)  These and other characteristics we want for our children, evolve from what Dr. Gordon Neufeld calls the, adaptive process. This process involves your […]


5 Fun Ways to Spot Your Child’s Development

Behavioral Schemas – fun stuff y’all! These are the coolest little signs to be aware of – proof right before your eyes that your child is developing and unfolding, without you doing a dang thing! I spent a lot of time the first few years as a new Mom, wondering if my Daughter was developing properly… first she was just […]


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How to Get Your Child to Follow Your Lead