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Why is Independent Play Important?

While children are hard-wired to play, and don’t really need any help, sometimes our kiddos could use a little encouragement in their play to get the ball rolling. Before our day-to-day lives became so busy, children spent most of their waking hours immersed in play – but in modern society there are lots of distractions. Spending a bit of energy […]


3 Invitations to Independent Play

It’s easy to be consumed by the pressure to teach teach teach our kids. Their letters, numbers, how to be a good human – it’s overwhelming, and in my opinion largely unnecessary. There’s a natural order and process to all the human qualities we desperately want for our children. In the early years, play is a tremendous tool for the […]


5 Fun Ways to Spot Your Child’s Development

Behavioral Schemas – fun stuff y’all! These are the coolest little signs to be aware of – proof right before your eyes that your child is developing and unfolding, without you doing a dang thing! I spent a lot of time the first few years as a new Mom, wondering if my Daughter was developing properly… first she was just […]


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